Hello, I'm Peter Stockwell. I currently work as a designer and developer in Indianapolis, Indiana. I'm fortunate to be employed by my home state of Indiana at the Department of Revenue with some of the best people around. I serve as a kind of one-stop shop for everything the agency needs from designing their internal newsletter, to serving as webmaster of their intranet, a photographer/videographer at agency events, creating educational materials for employees, and promotional materials for agency initiatives. We even one a Federal Tax Administration award for our agency's intranet rollout in 2020.
I grew from a kid building fan sites for my interests in the late 90s and early 00s to a graduate of Purdue University in graphic design. I hope to continue building on these skills with the Adobe Creative Suite and web development in the future. Perhaps even moving on to managing my own team. 
When I'm not working, I can often be found hanging out with friends, playing games on my Nintendo Switch, or traveling to see friends and family. 
Thank you!
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