"Hats Off to Caps "

Stamp Design

Pane Dimensions: 12 inches x 6.5 inches

Stamp Dimensions: 2 inches x 1 inches

I was tasked with creating a collection of stamps all connected by a common theme as stamps often are. I decided to make it fun and upbeat by different styles of hats specifically for men. I tried a lot of hats some of which just didn't make it into the final cut. Nevertheless, I tried to focus on the hat by including as few details as possible. The details that are included are there to compliment the hats. Really to help draw out their personality because ultimately while a hat has personality it's the personality of the person wearing it that defines it.

The shape of the stamps mimic a portrait and the size is sort of born out of that. Likewise the pane design unfolds from the amount of space demanded by the sheer number of stamps. I liked the idea of making the text form the shape of a hat and making it look like you could take a stamp and match it with the torsos on the bottom as well.