"Reading Opens Your Mind"

Social Issues Poster

Dimensions: 24 inches x 36 inches

As previously mentioned, I sorted through a number of ideas for a social issue poster. However, for the sake of brievity I'll limit this particular page to concepts that led to the final design. Originally I viewed the poster as something that would focus more on reading drawing something into yourself. This concept proved to be rather esoteric and as such, difficult to demonstrate visually. Slowly I migrated to the concept of what reading does for you. That is it opens and expands your mind, it takes you places you've never been before. Eventually the idea of having the two hemispheres of the brain open up to reveal the pages of a book came to mind and then it just sort of jumped (rather quickly) to the concept for the final design. I did play around with exactly how that would look in the end but I thought this final layout was more book-like and thus, more appropriate.

Then the task fell to me to actually make it. I wanted it to look hand-drawn, almost like it was ripped from a book that was so old the drawings were done by hand. It took quite a while to draw the brains in particular as brains are quite a complicated structures and could quite easily look gruesome. A few of these attempts looked...less than ideal to say the least but it didn't take too long before I simplified it to the point where it communicated the idea without being overly complicated.

The drawing in the background was meant to look expansive in a way that wouldn't detract but rather add to the overall message and composition of the poster. I wanted to style of the background to look rather different from the brain drawings so it did look foreign in comparison (thus underscoring the message as well). As such they look more flat in their coloring and shading, yet still communicate the idea. It's really inspired by Bill Waterson's style which lends a more expansive definition of reading to the message. Finally, I added a parchment texture to make it seem as though it was on the page of book and help to cohere the different animation styles even more.