"Conrad and Emerson Coffee and Tea, Company"

Packaging Design

Dimensions: 6.5 inches x 2.5 inches x 3.5 inches

I was attempting to create a lovely package design for a tea variety pack of loose leaf tea. Of course the initial issue with a variety pack of loose leaf tea is that all the different leaves will get mixed up (which probably wouldn't taste very good). So I devised a plan to create a tall box with openings on all sides and a divider in the middle. This for easy access to each type of tea with ease.

I of course wanted it to be easy to distinguish which type of tea was on which side. I didn't want it all to be left up to the text alone as it can often be easy to overlook text. In addition to labeling each side I used the color of each tea to make each side of the box reflect the tea inside. I added a little bit of personality by making each side bear the image of different types of people that enjoy tea. I liked the idea that tea is something you have conversations over and wanted to highlight this.