"A Scandal in Bohemia"

eBook Cover and Layout Design

Dimensions: Device Dependant

When I began the project I envisioned the cover color being green for some random reason. That was just my first thought. Of course I knew that eventually, once I sort of had the design locked down (or close), I'd go through a bunch of different colors. As evident from the right, I tried a ton of color combinations and actually I tried a great deal more than just these twelve. But these where the most successful.

The purple one I landed on was the strongest for a number of reasons. For one, I found that the simpler the two figures where the better as it drew more attention to the text. That, however, could be done with a number of these color schemes. While several of them where quite nice but I chose the purple for the sense of royalty it conveyed. I had several variations. One in black and white for eReaders that can't display color and a simple one in grey for the inside cover.