"Purdue CORPS Reunion"

Logo for a reunion event

I was contacted by a member of a team trying to organize a reunion event for a club I was in during college. Purdue CORPS (or Collegiate Organization of Reformed Presbyterian Students) was and is a church organization through my denomination that is specifically tied to Purdue University. They were working on organizing this event for the following fall and needed a logo to tie the event together, giving it legitimacy and authority. Therefore, I tried to give it a professional and clean look.

The real challenge came from designing something that was emblematic of the club but did not tie itself to any particular generation in the club. The event in question was meant for anyone who had ever been a part of Purdue CORPS. That meant that I couldn't draw too much from my own experience in the organization or the individuals I was working with at the time. Instead a simple approach was taken and school colors were used to give it a bit more of a personal touch.