"Support Public Radio"

Flyer for National Public Radio Affiliate

Dimensions: 3.5 inches x 8.5 inches

WBAA is the local National Public Radio affiliate and I was an intern there for one summer. Such stations are usually listener supported of course so a great deal of my work involved designing promotional material for the station. In this case a flyer was needed that would be distributed at a special event on Purdue's campus. Specifically it was highlighting the benefits of becoming a regular beneficiary of the station through the membership program.

Of course since it is a promotional flyer I had to highlight different services offered by the station and give it a fairly professional look and feel. I used the Purdue University colors as the station is also associated with Purdue. Furthermore I tried to give it a sort of Futurist feel as WBAA was about to start their 90th anniversary campaign and as such that would hearken back to the days of WBAA's youth.