"October-November Newsletter"

Fall Newsletter for Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

Dimensions: 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches (16 pages)

I worked for some months as a part-time graphic designer for the Kokomo-County Public Library whilst the full-time designer was on maternatity leave. This booklet, meant to promote the library's various programs for patrons, was one of the major pojects I completed. I had to work in tandem with the marketing director and stay in close communication with the many department heads to make sure that not only was the information was correct but that it remained consistent with library branding and the theme they had chosen for the fall promotions.

The higlight of the fall programs is "Howard County Reads". This year the flagship book was none other than Susan Crandall's "The Flying Circus". As such the theme of sky and clouds was pretty much a given. Likewise the marketing director really wanted to stick to the oversaturated color scheme found on the book's cover, hence the use of high-chroma red on the various hues of blue.

The biggest hurtle came in the form of space as there were many programs to promote and we had to confine the book to only sixteen pages due to cost restrictions. Furthermore, since I only worked at the library temporarily, I had to rely on the heads of the various departments to make sure that all of their programs were not only represented but that all of the information was accurate. This proved to be quite challenging as I would have the booklet laid out and then more programs would be added. However, in the end the theme worked in my favor, as it helped to create a sense of space in what would otherwise be a very croweded layout.